Stations For Solar Energy & Solid Fuel Boilers

The boiler connection system “Regumat RTA” allows the connection of the heating system/storage cylinder to the woodburning boiler. The minimum return temperature to the wood boiler amounts to of 55 °C and thus lies above the dew point. It prevents the formation of pitch. During start-up, the boiler flow water is short circuited directly to the boiler return via the bypass. Having reached the return temperature of 55 °C, the mixing valve opens to the heat emitters.

- pre-assembled connection system
- depending on the pump size, model
“Regumat RTA-130” or
“Regumat RTA-180”
- high quality materials
- insulation made of expanded polypropylene supplied with each “Regumat RTA”
- easy installation by use of tailpipe sets
- sensor integrated in the return
The connection system consists of one isolation set (ball valves with thermometers integrated in the handle for supply and return temperature display), one check valve in the supply pipe to avoid gravity circulation, one circulation pump (choice of Wilo or Grundfos pump with a length of 130 or 180 mm) in the return pipe, one three-way mixing valve and one temperature controller with immersion sensor, control range 40-70°C.

1 “Regumat RTA-130”
2 System illustration
3 “Regumat RTA-180




”Regumat RTA” Stations for solid fuel boilers

Regusol stations for solar energy