Heating Oil Deaerator

1. Heating oil deaerator "Toc-Uno-N"
The heating oil deaerator ensures a trouble free deaeration of the heating oil. It is used in heating oil installation (suction system) which are operated as one pipe system with return flow feed - always in combination with a filter for one pipe systems. A return pipe to the tank being no longer required, makes the heating oil installation not only more cost effective but also safer.
- quick and simple installation
- trouble-free feeding of heating oil towards the burner
- no return pipe towards the tank required
- installation below and above the oil level
- high deaeration capacity
- clear marking of supply and return (arrows)
- fixing plate for right and left hand side connection
- suitable for areas prone to flooding
- venting device to expel vapour emissions (accessories)
- lateral outlets
Inlet port 1/4" female thread with flexible hose 3/8" collar nut x 1/4" male thread for the connection to the superposed heating oil filter with 3/8" male thread on burner side for the connection of burner hoses. Alternatively all connections 1/4" female thread without accessories.

2. Function of the "Toc-Uno-N"
The unused oil, containing air and gas, is directed via the return flow pipe from the burner to the "Toc-Uno-N". The vapour emissions are expelled via the deaerator and the oil is fed back to the supply.

3. System illustration