JRGUTHERM® Thermostatic flow regulator with threaded shut off connections


  • Simplifies flow calculations
  • No setting up calculations
  • Simple regulator operation
  • Maintenance free
  • Automatic adjustment of the flow volume (hydraulic balance)
  • Shorter heat up phase after temperature drop
  • Energy saving


The JRGUTHERM® flow regulator regulates the flow volume by permanently sensing the water temperature with a thermostat. The hydraulic calibration is thus automatically established. By using the appropriate threaded shut-off connections, non-return valves and shut-off can be directly integrated


All water-conducting components are made of gunmetal, copper, stainless steel or high-grade plastic.

Installation Position

The JRGUTHERM® flow regulator can be installed in any position.
We recommend that, for revision purposes, JRG Art. No. 8339 threaded shut-off connections has to be installed before and after the flow regulator.

Setting range

36-63 degrees C

Maximum temperature load

70 degrees C

Maximum operating pressure

PN 10

Maximum differential pressure

0,4 bar

Area of Application

The JRGUTHERM® flow regulator is protected from over-heating. The JRGUTHERM® flow regulator is to be fitted with a bypass for thermal disinfection The JRGUTHERM® flow regulator is not suitable for use in gravity circuits.

Structure/planning instruction for the JRGUTHERM® flow regulators

         Planning instructions

  • Even with self-regulating circulation regulators such as the JRGUTHERM®, it is necessary to configure the system simply.
  • Recommended temperature spreading water heater - JRGUTHERM®: 2-5 K.
  • In order to select the suitable pump, the discharge flow of the entire system has to be determined. The delivery height is calculated from the pressure loss of the least favourable pipe line (flow way). The pressure loss of the JRGUTHERM® in this pipe line is measured on the kvmax line on the diagram. The pump performance of excessively strong pumps are to be throttled at the pump. The JRGUTHERM® must not be used to throttle the pump (maximum differential pressure = 0.4 bar). The regulators in the remaining pipe lines are to be selected in such a way that the intersection of the flow rate and the necessary pressure drop lies within the interpretation field.
  • In the appropriate configuration, with the most unfavourable flow way, the installation of a JRGUTHERM® flow regulator can be avoided or it can be replaced by a mechanical throttle e.g. JRG Art. No. 6310-6317.
  • A JRGUTHERM® is to be integrated into all circulation outlets.
  • If there is any danger of the water flowing through the JRGUTHERM® flow regulator in the wrong direction, this is to be avoided by the installation of suitable non-return valves. We recommend the installation of JRG Art. No. 8208 screw connections with non-return valves.


  1. Body, gunmetal
  2. Regulator sleeve, gunmetal
  3. Spring-loaded pin, brass
  4. Thermostat
  5. Regulator body, POM
  6. Overtravel spring, stainless steel
  7. Working spring
  8. O-ring, EPDM
  9. Scale ring

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