The JRGUMAT® thermoblending valve is an open architecture, proportionally-regulating three-way mixer. The blended water temperature is transferred to the thermostat A. This compares it with the setpoint value. If the blended water temperature does not correspond to the setpoint value, a volume change takes place in the thermostat A. This causes the valveslide B to be regulated through the pin C, until the blended water temperature corresponds to the setpoint value.
The fitting can mix the water used only as it is drawn. Functions such as backflow prevention, blocking or adjustment of the circulation flow volume cannot be performed by the JRGUMAT® thermoblending valve. The model to be used will depend on the installation diagrams.

A Thermostat
B Valve slide, gunmetal, coated
C Pin, chromium-nickel steel

1 Body, gunmetal
2 Regulating gate, gunmetal
3 Adjusting screw, brass
4 Cold water seat, stainless steel
5 Warm water seat, gunmetal
6 Circulation sleeve, plastic

JRGUMAT® thermoblending valves

The Warm Water Temperature

In order to be able to ensure the perfect operation of the JRGUMAT® thermoblending valve, the warm water temperature must be at least 5 K over the desired blended water temperature. Likewise the same hydraulic conditions must apply to the inflowing hot and cold water. This is ensured by the installation of the mixer in the water heater circuit in accordance with our installation diagram.



  • Supplies blended water of constant temperature
  • High control accuracy
  • Operates without any outside energy
  • Protects against scalding
  • Saves water and energy
  • Enhances comfort and safety in hot water installations

Field of application

JRGUMAT® thermoblending valves, which have proven their worth a thousand fold, are thermostatically regulating blending valves which are used wherever a constant and highly accurate combined blended water temperature is desired and required.

For example as central mixer in private houses, blocks of flats, hospitals, old-age and nursing homes, hotels, barracks, shower-rooms of sports facilities, industrial and commercial buildings.

JRGUMAT® thermoblending valves also serve as over-heating protection in alternative energy plants such as solar units, wood-fired heaters, wood-chip heaters, pellet furnaces, etc. Owing to the high control accuracy of JRGUMAT® thermoblending valves, they are also used for special applications, such as temperature maintainers used as regulators.


DVGW permission

There is also absolutely no reason why JRGUMAT® thermoblending valves should not also be installed without the DIN DVGW test mark. In contrast to Switzerland, Germany and Austria have neither a DIN standard nor a DVGW or OVGW work sheet for central mixers, prescribing a certification test. Therefore JRGUMAT® thermoblending valves do not have DIN DVGW or OVGW certification.

In accordance with the General Water-Supply Regulations (AVBWasserV) 12 (4), only equipment (components and materials) and devices (according to section 5: Appliances) may be used, which are manufactured according to the recognised rules of the control systems.

The materials used in the JRGUMAT® are all suitable for drinking water. Only plastics with KTW certification are used.

In DIN 1988, Part 2, under 2.2.2 Designation, it further states that "Components and appliances must be very legibly and durably marked by the manufacturer with the manufacturer's trademark or name, so that it is possible to identify the product... "

This obligation to mark the product is fulfilled as the word JRGUMAT® is cast into the valve body. The fitting can be identified at any time as a JRG product.

Since the JRGUMAT® thermoblending valves more than meets the requirements for the SVGW certification and given our many decades of experience, we are convinced that, with the help of this documentation, there is absolutely no reason why the JRGUMAT® thermoblending valve should not even be incorporated without the DIN DVGW or OVGW test signs.


JRGUMAT® thermoblending valve,
PN 10

Gunmetal body, flanges all round according to VSM/DIN, with three flange gaskets, for water up to max. 90 degrees centigrade, factory preset to a standard temperature degrees centigrade.
Cap for circulation union JRG 8325.


As 3410, however with flanges all round according to BS (British Standard)

Screw unions for JRGUMAT® thermoblending valves 3410, 3412

Screw unions for JRGUMAT® thermoblending valve 3400








Only the screw unions listed here may be used

* Screw unions 8337 and 8338 with non-return valves only for GN 1/2 and DN 15 and 20
** Screw unions 4700 only up to GN 1.1/4 and DN 32



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