Diaphragm safety valves made of red brass

Angular shape, spring-loaded, knurled nut to lift the valve cone, bonnet can be removed without affect- ing the set pressure. The seal cap prevents un- authorised changing of the pressure. Entirely made of metal, body made of red brass.

No. 651 H
To protect
thermally protected closed-circuit water heating systems with flow temperatures of up to 120C.

Should the thermostatic limiting and control unit fail, the safety valve will blow off the total heating capacity of the heat generators as hot water and steam.
The material of the diaphragm and the seat gasket is resistant to media with up to 30% glycol.

Adjusted by the manufacturer: 2.5 bar, 3 bar or 3.5 bar.
Other pressures on request (surcharge)

Size 1/2 also available with pressure gauge connection (651 HM).

Filling valve no. 905 is installed in the feed line to prevent damages from excess pressure during the filling of closed-circuit heating systems. The filling of the heating system is automatically controlled by the built-in pressure reducer.
The filling valve shuts off when the set pressure is reached and thus prevents overfilling.

The filling valve consists of:
Stainless steel strainer insert, shutoff valve, pressure reducer, pressure gauge connection R 1/4 on both sides, at the same time used as checking screw for non-return valve, non-return valve, hose connection piece.

Pressure reducer with pressure-relieved single seat valve, body made of red brass, top and inner parts of brass, spring of anti-rust spring steel, strainer of anti-rust steel, mesh size 0.25 mm, diaphragm of high-quality plastic with insert of fabric, collar and seat gasket of heat-resistant plastic.

Hose connection piece 1/2"
Female thread connection R 1/2"

For use in Germany the hose connection has to be disconnected from the filling valve after filling of the plant.
For use outside Germany this valve can be supplied with inlet screwed end, external thread 1/2" at the inlet side. Please give detailed information with your order.

Inlet pressure: up to 25 bar
Outlet pressure: 0.5 to 3.5 bar
Weight in kg: 0.75



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