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Devham Services are Babcock Wanson’s representative for Australia and New Zealand.

Industrial Heating Requirements

Babcock Wanson Thermal Fluid Heaters – Standard outputs from 100kW to 7MW.

  • Traditional TPC B series in vertical arrangement with integral BWI Burner.
  • New TPC H series in horizontal arrangement with packaged Burner.
  • TPC LN and LNE series arranged for either vertical or horizontal installation with packaged Burner.
  • Combined Expansion / Degas Vessels.
  • Thermal Fluid Pump / Motor sets.
  • Gas conversion kits.
  • Replacement coils.
  • Full range of spare parts for existing units of all ages.

Babcock Wanson Steam Generators – Standard outputs from 175kW to 9MW.

  • Traditional VAP series in vertical arrangement with integral BWI Burner.
  • VAP LN series arranged for either vertical or horizontal installation with packaged Burner.
  • Separators and float traps.
  • Feed water tanks - with and without internal heater.
  • Blow down tanks.
  • Gas conversion kits.
  • Replacement coils.
  • Full range of spare parts for existing units of all ages.
  • More than 12,000 industrial boilers
  • Several hundred VOC and odour incinerators
  • 500,000 hot air generators
  • Several thousand water treatment plants

In many industrial applications, the generation of heat (steam, hot water, thermal fluid) can be achieved by a variety of different techniques. BABCOCK WANSON industrial boilers, are available for output ranges up to 17,000 kW and cover all boiler techniques:

  • fire tube boilers
  • rapid steam generators
  • thermal fluid heaters
  • heat recovery boilers downstream of furnaces, turbines and engines

One of our objectives is to help industrial users in finding the most suitable techniques for the application. The resulting customer benefits are”

  • enhanced performance
  • optimisation of investment costs
  • improved energy efficiency and savings
  • compliance with standards and environment regulations

In addition, BABCOCK WANSON is one of the few manufacturers to design and build burners fitted to its own boilers

Water plays an essential role in the daily business of most industries. Having installed several thousand water treatment facilities in all sectors of industry. BABCOCK WANSON is your ideal partner for finding a solution to your industrial water treatment problem.

BABCOCK WANSON provides four lines of treatment systems.

  • Industrial boiler water treatment
  • Process water treatment
  • Residual water treatment
  • Modular potable water production units

Serving the integrated thermal needs of industry by maximising the cost-effective use of energy

Air treatment is essential to all industrial production systems. BABCOCK WANSON provide tailor-made solutions, including system design and equipment for industrial applications

Industrial Space Heating
BABCOCK WANSON offers a complete range of solutions adapted to both large and small spaces and involving the following types of equipment.

  • gas fired or transfer fluid unit heaters
  • air handling units
  • warm air cabinet heaters, direct or indirect fired
  • door heaters

Process Heating
BABCOCK WANSON also provides process heating systems for industrial drying applications.

  • direct fired process air heaters (up to 12,000 kW and 1,200 degrees C)
  • indirect air process heaters (up to 3,000 kW and 300 degrees C)


VOC & Odour Abatement
Many industrial processes produce polluting, harmful or foul-smelling gas effluents which according to environmental regulations need to be treated prior to being released to the atmosphere.
An efficient method for treating these volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odours consists of thermally oxidising them under controlled conditions.
BABCOCK WANSON designs, manufactures and installs three main types of thermal oxidiser:

  • recuperative
  • regenerative
  • odour



BABCOCK WANSON is able to provide complete turnkey installations.
Our experienced design application and contracting teams are able to provide a service which can be tailored to suit customer needs, from complete system design to installation, commissioning and maintenance.


In each of its fields of activity, BABCOCK WANSON offers a wide variety of service to provide assistance to our customers:

  • technical assistance
  • preventative maintenance care programmes
  • spare parts
  • upgrading and refurbishment
  • troubleshooting and problem solving

Babcock Wanson Steam Generators:

  • VAP range of steam generators
  • VAP LN steam generator
  • Eurosteam Quick Steaming Boiler
  • Fire Tube Boilers
  • Gas, Oil, Dual Fuel Firing Options

Babcock Wanson Spare Parts:

  • VAP Steam Generators
  • Eurosteam
  • Thermal Fluid Heaters
  • Wanson TA Burner Spares
  • LN & LNE Spares
  • TPC & VAP Gas Conversion Kits
  • Controls, Thermostats, Burner Spares
  • Replacement Coils - TPC & VAP
  • Replacement Flow Switch Kits
  • VAP Feedwater Pump Kits
  • CDX and Feedwater Tanks


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